Who We Are?

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A CRISIS  CALL 9-1-1 OR National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 9-8-8

Jeeps Against Suicide had a simple start in 2018 as a Facebook community page by Shawn and Nicole Cicero, a Jeep loving couple as a place to share their grief for a friend who died by suicide and as a place to share photos of the first event, they held to raise funds and awareness or mental health diseases. Shawn started to work on logo designs, eventually having several they used on the Facebook page and even one they used to create and sell shirts to raise donations for mental health programs.

If you are in need of additional mental health resources please check out the below websites, WE ARE NOT MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS but we may be adding some to the team soon.










Strategies To Prevent Suicide

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Strengthen Care

  • Coverage of mental health conditions in health insurance policies
  • Reduce provider shortages in underserved areas
  • Safer suicide care through systems change

Supporting people at risk

  • Gatekeeper training
  • Crisis intervention
  • Treatment for people at risk of suicide
  • Treatment to prevent re-attempts

Protective Environments

  • Reduce access to lethal means among persons at risk of suicide
  • Organizational policies and culture
  • Community-based policies to reduce excessive alcohol use

Promote Connectedness

  • Peer norm programs
  • Community engagement activities


Anything from a dollar to more can help fight the suicide statistics.  Every year we find new and better ways to help those in need.  Your help can truly make the difference!

We Are Real Meet Our Members

John Schmidt

Board Member

John is close friends with Founders Shawn and Nicole Cicero, read more about

R.C. Schmidgall

Board Member

R.C. came into the Jeep life around 2010 when he and his wife,

Jessica Rockey

Board Member

Jessica joined the jeep family in 2018. See what brought her into

Nicole and Shawn Cicero


Learn a little more about the founders of Jeeps Against Suicide.

Rose Bortolussi

Co Founder

Check out what inspired Rose to become a member of Jeeps Against Suicide.